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Providing Strong Defense Against Criminal Charges

Caldecott & Forro, P.L.C., has counseled and defended people who have been charged with a criminal offense in the Twin Cities and throughout greater Minnesota. If you have a criminal matter that requires an aggressive criminal defense, we can help. We understand you may be facing a number of serious concerns at this time, including the loss of a job, separation from your family, and even the possibility of fines and incarceration.

Experienced In Fighting Criminal Charges

For more than 40 years we have defended people against criminal charges. On a regular basis, we represent people who have been charged with DUI, assault, financial crimes, drug offenses and other serious offenses. If you have been arrested, or if you know that you are being investigated, contact us so that we can advise you on what you should and should not say to law enforcement. We want your rights to be protected.

We Work For You At Every Step

We can help you explore all of your criminal defense options if you have been charged with a crime. In any criminal case, we will first look for any grounds which may cause the case to be dismissed or result in the exclusion of evidence. In particular, search and seizure issues and irregularities surrounding an arrest or questioning are issues that may help us argue to have your case dismissed.

If your case does move forward, we can help you determine if a plea agreement might be in your best interest. In some cases, a plea may allow you to avoid the risk of the trial and allow you to deal with reduced penalties and move on with your life. In other situations, a trial may be your best option, and if that is the case, we won’t hesitate to forcefully represent you before a judge and jury.

Striving For Positive Results For You

Over the years, our attorneys have helped many clients throughout Minnesota obtain positive results when they have been charged with a criminal offense. We would like to talk with you if you are facing a criminal charge and would benefit from our help.

Free Initial Consultations To New Clients

Contact us for a free consultation if you are facing a charge that requires criminal defense. We look forward to giving your case the personal attention it deserves.