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The Importance of Documenting the Facts of your Business and Personal Transactions

The timely preparation and properly directed documentation of business and personal transactions and written agreements, in particular, have become critical to daily life. They help... [Continue Reading]

By Richard Caldecott

Minnesota Vehicle Forfeiture Law

In recent years, Minnesota government entities in their ceaseless search for more revenue have convinced our Legislature to pass laws that allow them to seize and sell real property, vehicles and... [Continue Reading]

By Richard Caldecott

Cohabitating and Joint Bank Accounts

Do you have or have you thought about having a joint bank account with your significant other?  A recent decision in a United States District Court District of Minnesota points out that a commonly held belief about such joint bank accounts is not entirely true... [Continue Reading]

By David R. Forro

Employers Cannot Sue Employees for Job Negligence

On March 20, 2017, the Minnesota Court of Appeals, in a published opinion, ruled that an employer required to indemnify its employees under Minn. Stat. § 181.790 cannot sue an employee for ... [Continue Reading]

By David R. Forro

Providing Legal Advice in Difficult Situations

The practice of law, at its essence, involves giving our clients timely legal advice that they need to have, often, under difficult circumstances.  On many occasions, the advice a client needs to hear is... [Continue Reading]

By Richard Caldecott

Unemployment Definition of Misconduct

On December 28, 2016, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that the statutory definition of employment misconduct (Minn. Stat. § 268.095, subd. 6(a) (2016)) is the “exclusive” definition for determining an employee’s eligibility for unemployment benefits. In so ruling the Court prohibited the... [Continue Reading]

By David R. Forro

Get Organized Before Legal Trouble Enters Your Life

Frequently, I am asked questions by clients and friends who can see they are heading for legal trouble, essentially saying “what can I do now to save money, time and increase the likelihood of favorable result”. Obviously, an attorney response to this question can include... [Continue Reading]

By Richard Caldecott

Minnesota Supreme Court Rules on Statue of Limitations in Whistleblower Case

On January 20, 2016, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that the statute of limitations for bringing a whistleblower claim for a discharge based on a good faith “reporting”... [Continue Reading]

By David R. Forro

Facebook, Twitter, & Other Social Media Posts Can Effect Your Legal Case

Disclosing to the world what you are thinking or how you feel about something isn’t always a good idea. Facebook postings, tweets, and other items put on social media are online for everyone to view. Creating a posting in a thoughtless moment or at a moment of turmoil in your life can... [Continue Reading]

By David R. Forro & Richard Caldecott

Grandparents Custody Rights

Minnesota has a statute granting a way for grandparents and other “defacto custodians” of children to seek custody of the children they are caring for and love.1  There are a myriad of circumstances that can lead to a need for non-biological parents to seek legally recognized custody of a child. At Caldecott & Forro, PLC, we have seen these cases arise where a biological parent is... [Continue Reading]

By Richard Caldecott

Employee or Independent Contractor? U.S. Departments of Labor Stepping Up Enforcement

On July 15, 2015 the U.S. Department of Labor (“USDOL”) issued “Administrator’s Interpretation No. 2015-1” on the subject the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) definition of “employ” as meaning “to suffer or permit to work”.  It starts by pointing out that workplaces are increasingly being found to be misclassifying employees as independent contractors and that the USDOL is receiving numerous complaints from workers about being misclassified.  Thus, the issuance of this Interpretation would appear to signal that... [Continue Reading]

By David R. Forro

Non-Compete Agreements: Who's Protected?

Non-compete agreements are not favored as “restraints of trade.” Despite this unfavorable view, when the restrictions are reasonably necessary to protect the employer’s legitimate interests, such as the company’s goodwill, trade secrets, or confidential information, they are enforceable in Minnesota if... [Continue Reading]

By David R. Forro

Bankruptcy: Do's and Don'ts Before Filing

Let us begin by saying no one ever wants to file bankruptcy.  However, there are circumstances that inevitably lead individuals to consider that option. Here are some useful tips on what you should DO before deciding to file.... [Continue Reading]

By David R. Forro

Drug Testing: A Way for Businesses to Invest in their Human Capital

Few would argue that the most important investment a company can make is in hiring and training quality employees. Once those employees are in place, the focus turns to employee retention. Obviously, everything from competitive pay and benefits packages to a supportive work environment affect employee motivation and retention.

With these thoughts in mind, employers are often loath to establish a program of work place drug testing... [Continue Reading]

By Richard Caldecott

Purchasing Property on eBay

Clients often contact our office when considering the purchase of valuable property on websites like eBay.  They most frequently ask about the type of documentation to obtain and the  research they should to undertake. Historically, to engage in commercial transactions a buyer needed to be familiar with the old English Common Law concept often expressed in Latin as caveat emptor. Roughly translated, caveat emptor means... [Continue Reading]

By Richard Caldecott

Employee Handbooks, Workplace Rules and Policies: Is It Time For a Review?

On March 18, 2015 the Office of the General Counsel for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) released its report on Employer Rules. Whether an employer has a union or non-union workforce, the need for a complete review of its workplace rules is imperative to prevent... [Continue Reading]

By David Forro

Terms & Conditions of Employment: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

We frequently get asked questions from employees and employers about what terms and conditions of employment are required by state and federal law. What follows are the answers to questions that we have been frequently asked. However, be advised that these are only GENERAL answers and may not be applicable to your particular employment situation. This certainly is the case if you are... [Continue Reading]

By David Forro

Business Succession Planning: A Perilous Time

One of the most perilous times for any small business arises during the transfer of the business between generations. Many small business founders have as one of their primary goals when starting a business the passing of that business to the next generation. Often the generation acquiring the business has members who grew up working in the business and have emotional attachments to the business that are strong. It is not uncommon for a small family business to be at the core of the family’s identity in the community.

Succession planning to transfer begins... [Continue Reading]

By Richard R. Caldecott

Negotiating & Preparing Leases and Contracts

The process of negotiating and drafting business agreements whether involving leases or contracts lies at the junction of law and business.  When an agreement, lease, or contract is properly drafted parties move forward with clarity. In particular, they will understand their rights and obligations.  Of course, who pays... [Continue Reading]

By Richard R. Caldecott

Buying, Selling, Or Merging Businesses

If you are thinking about buying a business, selling your business, or merging with another business, it must be done right from the start.  After you close the deal you do not want buyer or seller’s remorse.  Whether the business is a sole proprietorship, a partnership, corporation, or a limited liability company, the basic process to follow is the same. 

The First Step... [Continue Reading]

By David R. Forro

Cash Flow and Cash Management: Keys to Business Success

Meetings with business professionals invariably lead to discussions of business cash flow and cash management. As the leader of your business you need to know what it costs to run your business each month. With that metric in mind a host of other business decisions become largely self-evident.

We advise clients to know their business cash flow needs... [Continue Reading]

by Richard R. Caldecott

When to Request Your Social Security Benefits Check

When to start collecting your social security benefit is a complex decision that can have a major impact on your financial security in retirement. This article focuses on the legal and financial issues that help you make that decision. Obviously, family genetics and lifestyle choices can impact your decision. If you smoke, are more than ten percent (10%) over weight, don’t exercise regularly and don’t eat a balanced diet including lots of fruits and vegetables collecting your social security check at the earliest opportunity might be a good idea.

The Social Security Act allows a person to begin collecting... [Continue Reading]

by Richard R. Caldecott

Employment at Will & Wrongful Termination - Employee and Employer Rights

Both employees and employers contact our firm about their rights in terminating the employer-employee relationship. I have been involved with representing both employees and employers in employment relations since 1975, even before I became a lawyer in 1983. Over that period I have seen many changes in employment law. This article will not recite history, but merely give a basic overview of... [Continue Reading]

by David R. Forro

Residential Landlord Tenant Law

Our firm receives a lot of inquiries by landlords and tenants about their rights and obligations in their landlord-tenant relationship.  Typically, these inquiries fall into the following categories:

  • Leases
  • Non-payment of rent
  • Late or partial rent payments
  • Notice to Vacate
  • Eviction Action (Unlawful Detainer)
  • Maintenance/Environmental Issues
  • Property in foreclosure
  • Refund of Security Deposit or Pre-Lease Deposit
  • Property Damage
  • Discrimination/Harassment

For some of these issues, depending on the particulars, tenants and landlords do not need an... [Continue Reading]

by David R. Forro

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