Drug Testing a Way for Businesses to Invest in Their Human Capital

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Business Organizations

Few would argue that the most important investment a company can make is in hiring and training quality employees. Once those employees are in place the focus turns to employee retention. Obviously, everything from competitive pay and benefits packages to a supportive work environment affect employee motivation and retention.

With these thoughts in mind employers are often loath to establish a program of work place drug testing. When not property explained drug testing says to your employees and prospective employees you don’t trust them and you don’t respect their privacy or their personal freedom. Some employees may even think you are just looking for reasons to fire, discipline or fail to promote them.

Employers need to create a paradigm shift in the thinking of employees to have a drug testing be both accepted in the work place and successful. A good beginning to the discussion would include an expression by the employer that it desires to get employees with addiction problem help so they can lead healthy and productive lives that in turn make them better employees. The discussion can then turn to the importance of preventing employees from operating machines and driving motor vehicles while dealing with addiction to protect both the public and fellow employees. At some administrative levels of your company you could also explain the insurance rate for worker compensation, vehicle insurance and even general liability insurance can receive more favorable underwriting treatment by insurers if the company has a viable drug testing program in the work place. This in turn increases the company’s profitability

Work place drug testing is virtually universal in the military and in a host of other employment contexts. Does your company need this valuable tool. At Caldecott & Forro, PLC. We can help your business attain its goals. Call us for a free consultation on your businesses’ most vexing challenges. This article is not a substitute for legal advice in the context of a specific case. Caldecott & Forro, PLC provides free initial consultations to clients and potential clients on all business matters.