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Protect Your Rights With Compassionate, Personalized Counsel

With our 40-plus years of experience, the attorneys at Caldecott & Forro, P.L.C., Richard R. Caldecott and David R. Forro, provide cost-effective and professional legal counsel. From our Golden Valley and White Bear Lake, we can assist you with a variety of legal concerns in the Twin Cities metro area and throughout greater Minnesota.

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Staff Members:

  • Christine M. Cermak, Legal Assistant

We are deeply committed to our community, and we will be just as devoted to getting you the best outcome possible. We are a two-man firm, and that is a benefit to you. The size of our law practice allows us to personalize your case. We will meet with you one-on-one and that allows us to understand your expectations and to counsel you on what is possible.

Whether you are a business, a family or an individual, if you need legal advice, we will give your case the close personal attention it deserves. That should help you control some of your concerns and the anxiety that frequently accompanies difficult legal issues.

Your Trusted Advisers, Confidants And Counselors

Difficult legal situations often get out of control if they are not dealt with appropriately as soon as possible. We provide free half-hour initial consultations. Our attorneys will discuss your case with you, and together we will determine your best course of action.

A High-Level Of Service For A Variety Of Legal Services

Our legal team offers a wide range of services, with knowledgeable and compassionate counsel. We can help with:

  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business formation
  • Business law
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Criminal defense
  • Employment agreements
  • Family law
  • Litigation (criminal and civil)
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Traffic violations, including DUI

We can help you, even with the most complex cases. Our legal team will work with you to collect evidence, expert opinions and the legal research that is often required to get a judgement or settlement that can meet your goals. If you come to our office, we will provide the legal research you need to build a strong case.

Contact Us If You Need Guidance Anywhere In Greater Minnesota

If you have legal concerns or if you need legal advice, litigation or ADR services, email our firm. Call our office at 651-429-5500 to speak with an attorney today.